Children's Headshots ~ $250.00

Price Includes:

- 3 to 4 Looks

- Make-Up if Needed

- Full Resolution Files of Your Entire Shoot  What a deal!

Make Zelle/Chase QuickPay Payments to:

Retouching ~ $25.00

Flat Fee

Payment Options:

All of them.  Every payment option you can dream of.  Checks, cash, credit cards, money orders, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle/Chase Quickpay, baked goods*. Just so ya’ know, credit cards get processed through PayPal so you will be charged 2.9% on top of the price of your shoot because that’s what they charge me for the privilege of taking your money. The upside? Credit Cards aren’t real money. This extra fee does not apply to retouching.

Cancellation Policy:

The policy is, there ain’t no policy. If you need to cancel for any reason, be it an audition, your child care fell through, you woke up with a zit, or you just plain don’t feel like it, call me at 310.403.8448 and let me know you ain’t comin’. I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes before your appointment time – I’d rather you cancel than shoot on a day you don’t feel your best. There is no cancellation fee. Whaaaat? That's right, I'm awesome.

Family Shoots ~ $300.00

Price Includes:

- Over 300 Images

- Full Resolution Files of Your Entire Shoot  

*Sadly, my doctor said I shouldn't be eating baked goods....

Prices and Policies