"HOLY COW, Maia is seriously THE BEST. From the very first email I sent her requesting an appointment to the very last moment of saying bye, she made me feel 100% comfortable and so excited to be there. During the shoot I didn't even realize she was taking photos of me at some points because she makes it look so effortless, and you're too busy having fun and just talking about life. The talent she has for this is amazing, every single shot is usable that she gives. Please do yourself a favor and just book the appointment, you won't regret it!" - Jaron B.

"A million trillion thanks to Maia for her gorgeous photos of me.  She truly brought out the best of me and showcased me as relaxed and fun.  Plus, during your session you will laugh the entire time.  She is AMAZING!!!  I'm so thrilled and grateful to be confident that folks who see my profiles will really have a sense of who I am.  She really is the best." - Dorsey H.

"I recommend her to every actor I meet! In this industry you need a headshot photographer who knows what she is doing and can create a marketable shot for you. Maia knows current headshot trends and has an eye for what makes a gorgeous headshot. When I went I had no clue what I was doing or how to take a good headshot...when it comes to pictures I am normally the most awkward person on the planet, but Maia was very friendly and personable (also hilarious) and we got shots that were genuine and not at all 'posed'... I have used my shots for several years now and upon asking my agent whether or not to update them he told me, "Why fix what isn't broken?" - Romel D.

"She's a wizard. And a goddess, I don't know what magic she did, but I have never had the problem of deciding between so many shots I like! There's so much pressure getting headshots  because we know how crucial they are. I have never had such a pleasant-make that FUN experience, or laughed that much! Maia immediately put me at ease, made the whole process seem effortless (for me at least!)... I got to have many different looks and for the first time I feel that the range of shots reflects my personality. I can't recommend her enough." - Carol L.

"Maia is fantastic.  I hate getting new headshots. The thought of spending a few hours just getting my picture taken is awful to me. But Maia makes it so comfortable and easy that it's a great experience. She makes sure you know what's going on and is engaged and working with you the whole time.  As for results, I just got my shots up from my last session and, after a dry spell of nearly 2 months, literally got called in for 2 auditions in the first hour." - Chris P.

"Maia is simply the best.  She is a fun, familiar, laid-back presence who has the incredible gift of capturing multiple sides of your personality... I had never met her before getting my head shots the other week, and I fell in love with her work and her amazing-ness as a human right away.  Go do shots with Maia!!" - Gary W.

"I highly recommend Maia. I've worked with several head shot photographers and I can safely say she's a real pro, and goes above and beyond to get a great shot that really represents the subject." - C.H.

"Maia took my headshots 10 years ago. I recently had her take them again and she did a great job. She's delightful to work with." - Rachel P.

"She is the best!!!  Literally, look no further.  I strayed once with another photographer, and I learned my lesson, a very expensive one at that....I have never felt more at ease and more comfortable in front of a stranger's camera. Only to discover after a shoot that there are soooo many great shots to choose from.  Maia has a knack for adapting to her clients needs and giving them exactly what they want and beyond. Her shots have been getting me work for 6 years and going strong.  And beyond that she is so friendly and fun...and trust me, genuinely cares about her client getting the best results possible...  Go go go!!!" - Conor L.

"I'm overwhelmed with the number of great shots you came up with! Truly, these headshots are worth their weight in gold...From your beautiful studio, to your original and modern attitude, to your talented photography and makeup artistry- you are the total package. There could be no better deal in Chicago!" - Dorothea E.

"Maia made the whole process easy and wonderful.  She was a delightful person to work with and I felt very comfortable!  I was extremely happy with the shots that Maia took." - Connie D.


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"This was the best experience I've ever had. Maia is not only one of the kindest most empathetic people I've ever met, she also is HILARIOUS and make you feel like you have known her for 20 years within 10 seconds of meeting her. She is was EXTREMELY patient and thorough. She taught me how to take headshots in a way that truly captures my personality and in a way that doesn't make me feel nervous and stiff.  She is such a professional and I am BEYOND happy with the photos I received. This is by far the BEST deal out there and I can't stop recommending her to all of my friends! She is an incredible person and truly cares for her clients. I would recommend Maia to my closest friends, my shyest friends, my most outgoing friends, or my friends who just want to laugh and have a good time and feel really beautiful. She is amazing." - Kat W. 

"Maia has been doing my shots for years and I am always happy with them. Her sense of humor puts you at ease and she knows how to get the right looks. I've never enjoyed having my picture taken until Maia!.... Maia really understands the market and stays up to date with what the industry is looking for. You will get what you're looking for with Maia." - Sarah T.

"Maia was fabulous... She is patient, creative and lots of fun to work with." - Nancy C.