Successful content generation is about creating an impression of your company that lasts...

Every company has a different story to tell, and, therefore, when it comes to content generation and video production, the process of getting to the heart of that story is different every time.  So, again, there is a straight billable hour for video, but based on your story's needs, the amount of time it can take to craft your content can vary. 

So, yes, we have a $150/hr video editing rate, but what does that mean, ultimately?

To give you a better idea, and to get you a better estimate, we recommend a 15 minute phone call where we can get an idea of the scope of the project.  We'll ask you things like:

• Do you already have a story boarded concept you need us to execute, or do you need us to come to you with ideas and help create and refine the story you want to tell?

• Do you already have an archive of B-Roll and photos for us to use, or are we starting from scratch? 

• Are you looking for live action, or animation, or both?

• Do you have specific brand guidelines? 

• Where are you planing to house your content? 

• Is it for internal or external use?

We've had projects that have taken us 4 hours to complete and we've had projects that have taken us 150 hours to complete, with travel to 5 different cities. (The 150 hour one was essentially a fully produced 30 minute episode of television, just to give you a reference point).

So give us a ring or shoot us an email, so we can get you an estimate: 310.403.8448  •

Video & Content Production

In order to accommodate the varying needs of individual corporations, Maia Rosenfeld Photography, LLC does a straight hourly rate for corporate headshot shoots.

What Does That Mean?

Every company has different needs, and the best way we have found to accommodate those needs is by billing at an hourly rate.  This protects you and your business from hidden costs.  Corporate shoots are not limited to a certain number of shots: we keep shooting until you have what you need.  If you need every member of your team to be shot on six different

colored backdrops, want people to have a formal look and a more casual look, want make up included for everyone in your office, want your office to be shot in both black and white and color, there is no extra charge, it’s just straight billable hours.  Your shoot also includes a Flash Drive of all photos taken during the session at full resolution. There is no additional charge for file release.  The same goes for corporate events.

Hourly Rate: $300

For more information, day rates, or a projected estimate based on your company’s specific needs please contact us:  •  310.403.8448

Headshot & Event Pricing